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Nina's Paris tea

Heritage of Versailles

Versailles: the seat of the French Royal Court

Not far away from the Royal Palace, there is the Royal Garden, as well as the King’s Kitchen Garden (Le Potager du Roi Versailles). Very unique and very precious, with the layout unchanged since the XVIIthe century, the Kitchen Garden is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
The Kitchen Garden was set up in 1678 by the appointment of King Louis XiV. The first Fruitier was Monsieur Jean-Babtiste La Quintinie. The idea behind the creation of the Garden was to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the Royal Court, all year round, so the King could enjoy strawberries in January, and asparagus in December.
For over 300 years, the Garden performed a fully organic and natural cultivation, so the plants give excellent fruits. The Gardens developed almost 60 different ways of growing the fruit trees (i.e. chandelier, pyramid) and its wealth also includes almost 200 different varieties of apples. The message from the Gardens to the world is: with our life becoming faster and more hectic every day, let’s not forget that this is the nature, that is feeding us.
Nina’s Paris is the exclusive partner of the King’s Kitchen Garden. We are the only tea house in the world to utilize the fresh fruits of Versailles to flavour our products.