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Thé de Marie – Antoinette

the tea luxury

Thé de Marie – Antoinette
The only tea in the world flavored with rose petals and apples from the King’s Kitchen Gardens (Le Potager du Roi Versailles). Delicate and sophisticated leaf tea, dedicated to Marie-Antoinette. Sweetness of fresh apples , with the drop of a subtle rose flavour.
Leaf tea 100g
Handcrafted tin with the royal emblem on the lid, decorated with roses, that Marie-Antoinette loved so much.
Teabag box 10TB x 2g
An elegant box with individually wrapped teabags.

Versailles tea

sophisticated black leaf tea

Je t’aime 100g
I love you
Sensual leaf tea, that seduces with a warm touch of caramel and vanilla.
The des Anges 100g
Tea of Angels
Divine combination of vanilla and the fruity sweetness of strawberry.
Quatre fruits rouges 100g
4 rewd fruits
The finest blend for a red fruit lover: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant.

Vendome tea

Elegant leaf-tea tins with the drawings of the famous Place Vendome in Paris

Orangerie 100 g
Refined and delicate tea, flavored with the sweet Spanish orange.

Parisian Earl Grey 100g
Refreshing tea, flavored with the genuine Sicilian bergamot.
Royal Darjeeling 100 g
Finest Indian tea, soft and flowery, from the Tukdah Gardens.
Golden Ceylon 100g
Golden copper coloured leaf tea from the south of Sri Lanka.

Seasonal offer

Leaf tea set

The essence of Paris. The best four tea blends of NINA’S Paris, each in mini tin of different colour, all decorated with scenery of Paris. 

Baby Tins 4 x 25g
Black tea flavored with 100% natural aromas:
• Je t’aime Tea

(caramel and vanilla z Tahitii)
• The de Marie-Antoinette Tea
(rose petals and apples from Potager du Roi at Versailles)
• Quatre Fruits Rouges
(cherry, strawberry, raspberry, red currant)
• Earl Grey Tea
(bergamot from Sicily).