Taste the unique tea blend

with rose petals and fresh apples of the Royal Gardens of Versailles


Nina's Paris is a beautiful story

with the tradition dating back to the XVIIth century

The Tea of Versailles

The story of Nina’s Paris began in 1672 when Pierre Diaz created La Distillerie Fréres. They were the first company specialized in distilling natural essential oils. Diaz, who was also known as the “Magician of Fragrances”, became very famous for his art of creating fragrances. He also began to supply his products to the Royal Court of Versailles, where the lavender and rose fragrances were particularly enjoyed by Marie-Antoinette.

Thé De Marie-Antoinette

The relationship of Nina’s Paris with the Royal Court of Versailles is being cherished until nowadays. It led us to create „Thé de Marie-Antoinette”, the only tea in the world flavored with rose petals and fresh apples from the Royal Gardens of Versailles (Le Potager du Roi Versailes). Nina’s Paris is the exclusive partner of the Gardens, created by the King Louis XIVth.

Sophisticated tea

This unique expertise, passed down over the centuries to the next generations, became the foothold to create one-of-a-kind line of tea, flavored with 100%-natural aromas.
Nina’s Paris is the universe of sophisticated aromas and fragrances, that we’ve been creating with passion over the centuries.